Wash with a Purpose

Purpus is a socially responsible consumer products company created with the Purpose of helping kids with Autism One Bottle at a Time. We Donate Proceeds from every bottle we sell to fund Awareness, Education and Research for children and adults diagnosed with Autism (ASD).

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100% Plant Based

Safe for your Child, You and the Planet

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Purpus / A good kind of Clean

Funding Awareness, Education, and Research for children and adults diagnosed with Autism (ASD)

The Perfect Gift

The Best Green Cleaner money can buy! Purpus detergent is 100% plant-based, non-toxic, hypoallergenic, aroma-therapeutic, no phosphates, no dyes, no chlorine, no synthetic fragrance, never tested on animals and Made in the USA.

Steps to get your bottle of Purpus

Step One

Make your order of Purpus.

Step Two

Receive your laundry detergent straight to your house.

Step Three

Do your laundry with pride knowing you're helping kids all over the world!


Thank you so much for your help. I use Purpus often. I am completely blown away. Purpus is the real deal!

– Anna George

If you aren't sure, always go for Purpus. I'd be lost without it.

– Shanice Jackson

It's exactly what I've been looking for. Purpus is a good kind of clean, not only do I help kids with Autism but the Planet as well!

– Bethany Raven

Our Story

This is about Hope, Love, Faith and Acceptance. It's about dealing head on with the feeling of Fear, Feeling Overwhelmed, Inadequacy and the Uncertainty all of us have about the future of our Children, our Brothers, our Sisters, our Nieces and Nephews who have been diagnosed with Autism, "ASD."

This is about the Love a Mother has for her Child and the love a Father has for his Baby Girl or Baby Boy.

This is about the concern a sibling has for his or her brother or sister who can't quite take care of themselves. Who just needs someone to hold their hand or understand when they're having a Melt Down.

This is also about the concerned Grand Parent who has lived a long and fruitful life whom wishes only the very best for their grandbaby and who just wants to leave this world a better place for them.

But this ultimately is about making the world an easier place for those On the Spectrum and hopefully leaving you feeling Emboldened and Empowered when we know that what we can do together makes a considerable difference.

Because as my wife and I do this for our daughter Riley, we also do this for your Child as well. My hope with PURPUS is to help fund Awareness, Education and Research for all Kids and Adults diagnosed with Autism, "ASD."

We Are All One and We Will defeat this Together one bottle at a time.

I HAVE PURPUS. I hope you do to...

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